UI Engineer (web)

We're looking for a versatile engineer who's fluent in the full gamut of modern browser-based development: prototyping, markup/styling, component implementation, server communication, build tools, performance optimization, etc... You'll get to focus entirely on UI-related work in a variety of contexts, and use modern tools like Clojurescript to build advanced libraries and abstractions — all in the pursuit of making delightful products that are used by millions of people ;) If you're looking to work closely with a small, talented team focused on an outstanding product experience — in an environment with loads of freedom and responsibility — we're looking for you too.

You...   (with many apologies to RFC 2119)

MUSThave in-depth experience with the browser environment
and modern front-end practices
MUSTbe ready/eager to work in Clojurescript MUSTbe obsessive about robust & modular HTML/CSS

SHOULDhave built UI's before in a variety of platforms & languages SHOULDhave experience w/ a wide variety of modern front-end tooling SHOULDtake pride in the small details that make up a great product experience

MAYset your own schedule & work patterns MAYdevelop & contribute to open-source projects MAYwork barefoot, bring your dog to the office, stay home when you want MAYbe free of anything resembling pointy-haired bosses

You Get

  • health insurance
  • unlimited vacation
  • expenses-paid conference visits
  • awesome company trips (skiing, travel, skydiving, etc…)
  • generous dev setup budget
  • free laundry service
  • free housecleaning
  • Boulder/Denver bus pass
  • unlimited Ozo coffee
  • free snacks, lunch, beer
  • free Rdio/Dropbox/etc…
  • relaxed atmosphere / no dress code
  • write on our marketing blog or dev blog
Email jobs@rafflecopter.com